First Release from circle Rock Steady: Fuck & Slash!

It’s finally Friday and you must be hungry. What better meal to restore your vitality than a double helping of futa dick? Answers may vary, but this week Suzurame of circle Rock Steady serves up Fuck & Slash: Little Demon’s House, a meaty dish teeming with exotic flavors. It may be a bit gamey for some tastes; Suzurame’s work is more extreme than what you might see from Doronuma Kyoudai or especially Aoba Q Madou, but a palate refined to the notes of sweetness in cruelty and degradation is sure to find some nourishment in Fuck & Slash.

Fuck and Slash 1 cover page


The doujinshi’s set-up isn’t complicated and doesn’t need to be. There’s plenty exciting about the story without intricacy at the level of plot. We open on an introduction to Almira, our heroine. She’s three unusual things: a dark elf, an assassin and a futa. She’s also on an unusual mission, one that will make or break her future.

The cover tells you all you need to know about how that turns out. In short, it’s not just Almira’s future that gets broken. Her target turns out to be a sadistic young (futa) sorceress who couldn’t be happier to have a new toy to compare cocks with. After all, she already has a pile of inanimate toys desperate for a playmate.

Toys are a major part of the action in Fuck & Slash. From sexy suspension rope bondage, to magical rings that can shrink to constrict any part of the body, to extra-wide nosehooks, this is easily our most paraphernalia-focused release since the last one from Studio Diamond.

The dinner bell is ringing. Time for some meat!

Fuck and Slash 1 sample page 1Fuck and Slash 1 sample page 2Fuck and Slash 1 sample page 3

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