New release from Fatalpulse: Victim Girls 25 -How to Dehorn a Shortstack-

Mobage wars can get pretty heated. People invest lots of money and time into their favorite mobage, so they get attached and will defend it against the unwashed masses who play its competitors. Asanagi, however, is not like them. Fatalpulse doujins parody ALL the popular mobage: Kancolle, Azur Lane, FGO, Granblue Fantasy… Asanagi is truly is the connoisseur of the mobage pretty girls and bringing joy and happiness to all of them ♥

This time, a happy ending awaits the women from GBF universe. In particular, the short, stacked and horny (as in having horns; get you mind out of the gutter) draph women.

This entirely wholesome doujinshi is titled “Victim Girls 25: How to Dehorn a Shortstack“.

Victim Girls 25 cover page

One short of a six-pack of half-pints

This particular ray of sunshine finds the brave and beautiful cannonlancer, Razia, busting in on a fiendish operation: draph girls are being taken captive and are having their horns removed (gasp!)

And that’s about all that can be said without an anatomy lesson.

We’ve actually talked about draph physiology before, but here’s a quick refresher: draphs are horned humanoids with extreme sexual dimorphism. Draph males are big old beefcakes. Draph females are petite, plump, and lo! their bodices overfloweth. In this doujin, Asanagi reveals more surprising biological facts about female draph (official lore be damned): removing one of their horns robs them of their ability to walk. Removing the second horn destroys their willpower completely. The draph becomes a shell of herself, essentially an animal. The kicker? Female draph love to have their horns damaged.

Back to the story: Razia loses and is de-horned. Her drooling, compulsively masturbating body is sent to her crew, who vow revenge. Forte, Narmaya, Anila, Threo, Aliza and a few other female draphs crew members all set out on a rescue mission only to face down the boss of the evil organization: a gigantic male draph armed with the overwhelming powers of arch-misogyny and a dick about as big as the girls he rapes with it.

It’s Fatalpulse: the girls never stood a chance.

Asanagi’s art is masterful as always. Some samples:
Victim Girls 25 sample page 1Victim Girls 25 sample page 2Victim Girls 25 sample page 3

Victim Girls 25 is available on the 2D Market Store now. But that’s not all! Collect them all.