New release from circle Shouwa Saishuu Sensen: Mizuho vs Kashima Lewd-Down

Where can you find pleasure
Live a life of leisure
Fuck all the ships you can see
Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true
In the ass or the pussy
Where can you hang around
Waited on by cute girls
Eat a handmade bento lunch
A shipgirl in each hand
Oceans to command

The joys of admiralhood are well-explored by various doujinshi, but when the rewards of a military rank are a fleet of gorgeous girls who are all about you, well… there’s a lot to explore. This week, we join Shouwa Saishuu Sensen’s Hanauna for one of the more tiring delights of the position: shipgirls battling for your attention.

Mizuho vs Kashima Lewd-Down cover page

Yes, you can put your mind at ease.

Mizuho and Kashima both want exactly one thing: the attention of their beloved admiral. But neither can soak up the love she so desires with the other hanging around. In what turns out to be an unfortunate coincidence for all three of them, Ooyodo overhears their conversation.

As the ultimate secretary ship, Ooyodo has a solution to Mizuho and Kashima’s clash: a contest to definitively determine which girl is best for the Admiral. She gathers together a passel of otaku who share the Admiral’s sexual tastes for a three-round all-out fuck-off. First: a blowjob contest. Second: anal sex, with enema for extra challenge. Finally: human toilet face-off!

No spoilers for the details of the competition, but don’t you worry: it gets real messy.

Hanauna’s art is nothing short of adorable, and somehow able to both include a wealth of detail that gives each girl a distinctive appearance, while also maintaining a clean, legible look. It’s a nice contrast with the doujinshi’s filthy, hardcore content.
Mizuho vs Kashima Lewd-Down sample page 1Mizuho vs Kashima Lewd-Down sample page 2Mizuho vs Kashima Lewd-Down sample page 3

Come on now, people, give it a try. It’s on the 2D Market store, so you can buy!