New release from circle Mukousharan: I Love My Admiral 2!

Phew! Our last couple of releases have been pretty energetic, huh? Battling shipgirls, futa-on-futa domination, and enough S&M toys to keep even the most twisted perverts occupied. But maybe that means it’s time to slow down, relax, and take it easy for a moment. What better way to recharge than with circle Mukousharan‘s sequel to the sweet hit I Love My Admiral?

I Love My Admiral 2 cover page

Don’t look so worried, Ushio, we’re only going to love you.

Unfortunately, clouds are rolling in over Ushio and her beloved admiral’s newlywed bliss. The admiral is always busy with work until late at night and arrives home to a tidy house and a soundly sleeping spouse.

Rather than wake her, the admiral resorts to a strategy as true as the tides: jacking it to porno on his phone. We can only imagine the horror a dutiful girl like Ushio feels when she wakes to discover that her husband is handling his lusts all by himself!

Determined to be a good wife to the admiral she so adores, Ushio puts on a brave face and a bold outfit. No husband faced with a cute wife dead-set on satisfying him could resist sampling his bride’s body piece by piece.

He’ll squeeze and fondle her squishy titties before sliding his dick between them to test their pressure and softness. Next up is that precious pink pussy, best first explored by lips and tongue followed by a thorough survey by dick.

Between now and “I Love My Admiral,” artist Chiyami’s been brushing up on their skills, ensuring that Ushio’s skin always looks soft enough that your fingers would sink into wherever you touched and that her face is always, always adorable. Each panel shine with sweet cuteness. Check it out.
I Love My Admiral 2 sample page 1I Love My Admiral 2 sample page 2I Love My Admiral 2 sample page 3

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