November announcements

Our last announcement post was back in May. Since then, we’ve released at least one doujin from each of the circles we announced. For some circles, we’ve already put multiple doujins in your hands. On top of that, we started releasing two doujins per week! That means double the fun for everyone!

But more doujins released means we need to get more doujins to translate. And what better way to do that then to get more circles aboard? This time we have four of them and, oh boy, are they something!

A small note before we start: as always, everything that follows, from covers, doujin titles, even to circle names, is subject to change.


Himeno Komomo is a veteran of the industry, with dozens of doujins and commercial chapters under their belt. What defines their art is the shapely bodies and sexy ahegao faces of the girls during climactic pages. You can check their pixiv profile for examples of both, but what you’ll also see there is gorgeous full-color illustrations.

consava sample pageAs the image above implies, we’re getting some of the parody doujins Himeno Komomo published under the circle name “Consava”, but the main course will be a series of original doujins that share characters.
consava covers


Sarfata has been drawing doujins for several years now and has built up a sizeable portfolio of both original and parody doujins. Even better, earlier this year, their ecchi (non-porn) manga got serialized. The first volume was published last month. Just look at this delicious cover:

Deathscythe Pururun coverThe title of the series is “Deathscythe Pururun”, by the way. You owe it to yourself to nag your local manga publisher to translate it and put it on your shelf. We, on the other hand, don’t deal with ecchi manga (yet?). We don’t leave you blue-balled, we give you the whole package! The whole package of Sarfata’s latest (C96) doujin, featuring two beautiful ship ladies in their natural aquatic environment.
sarfata cover page


Rib:y(uhki), the main artist behind circle L.G.C., has been drawing both doujins and chapters for commercial magazines for over a decade now, but he is most loudly known as the vocalist of the death metal band Imperial Circus Dead Decadence (ICDD). Check out his Soundcloud here.

Now, you might be thinking, “Okay, the guy has an amazing voice, but that must mean his art is bad. I mean, how many talents can one man have?” Reasonable stance, but one that couldn’t be farther from the truth.
LGC sample pageUnfortunately, we won’t be translating the doujin this cover comes from. The accursed “lost layer data” strikes again. In its stead, we’re working on something equally glorious: an original doujin titled “My Sister is the Universe” from C96. Get ready for some /ss/ action!
LGC cover page


Our final circle of the day is none other than the illustrious Hebitunagary, headed by artist SGK. Everybody already familiar with the circle will have only one question in mind, so let us answer it right away: Yes, we’re translating Yuffie doujins. Why wouldn’t we?
SGK sample imageWe would still recommend that even those in the know check out the artist’s pixiv profile. They draw some great stuff that’s not FFVII related, you know…
SGK sample image 2We’re still doing Yuffie books though!
SGK cover page

Closing words

That’s all folks! We’re working on some other exciting stuff behind the scenes. Some of it we’ve already teased on our twitter, while others we’ll keep as a surprise. As a parting gift, here are the cover pages of some of the doujins that we’re working on:
Various covers  of upcoming doujins

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  1. It’s always great to have more artists but I’m curious is working with circle/artist Jin/MTSP a possibility I love the way they draw their busty women and I’d love a way to support them officially but of course I’d prefer uncensored and translated anyways just thought I’d ask but regardless you all are doing fantastic work and I hope to continue supporting your releases for years to come

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