Releases Recap: Circle Kabayakiya and Circle Yuuritsuka!

Some of our releases in 2019 didn’t get a blog post. We’re here now to correct that great injustice. The two doujinshi we’re going to write about today were released in November and in some countries, November is a month for thinking about what you’re grateful for. Releases Mom in the Mirror by circle Kabayakiya and Midnight Cranes by circle Yuusaritsuka remind us to be thankful for the endless pleasures of a pair of big, squishy, warm titties. And for parody doujinshi.

Mom and the Mirror and Midnight Cranes covers

Dear Lord, thank you for a bountiful boobie harvest.

First up, we have Midnight Cranes, yet another deliriously sweet Kantai Collection doujin from softness master Awayume. This release opens with the darling Zuikaku innocently inquiring about a rumor she’s heard on the base: they say you can hear strange sounds, rattling and moaning, in the hallway by admiral’s office late at night. Stared down by Zuikaku’s twintails, Shoukaku can only confess. The sounds are admiral’s secretary ships having sex with him at night!

Of course, all the ship girls love their admiral, so Zuikaku gets pretty curious. All she intends to do is watch Shoukaku perform her nighttime secretary ship duties (boob-sucking handjob and pampering galore), but Shoukaku has other ideas. Brimming with love, she tells the admiral that Zuikaku has fallen for him and requests that he become a partner to her. But do you really think a girl so crazy for her man that she doesn’t even mind sharing is just gonna sit back and watch?

Thankfully, the answer is “no“.

Meanwhile, Kabayakiya‘s Unagimaru has been playing a dangerous game with their series of Minamoto no Raikou doujinshi, of which Mom and the Mirror is the third. The game is called “incest chicken.” Raikou and her Master have been pretty intimate: they sleep together and bathe together, just like a mother and child might. What they don’t do is have sex. Pussy rubbing? Kosher. Blowjobs? Kosher. But, Raikou is adamant: you can’t put your dick in your mom!

This most recent release throws a real wrench in that delicate balance. Ushi Gozen visits Raikou and her Master in their dreams, having conjured darker versions of the pair. Versions less intent on maintaining that last, most sacred boundary between mother and child. They taunt our heroes, showing them how good it feels to give in to lust and immorality. Is this the book where the will-they-won’t-they dynamic finally breaks down?

You’re just going to have to read it to find out.

Fortunately! You can find Mom and the Mirror on the 2D Market store right now. Not to mention Midnight Cranes! You’re welcome!

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