New release: Look, Master! Boobs!! 3

Just reading the title of this blog post must have hinted you at what kind of doujinshi we’re releasing today. And if you’ve read the previous two volumes in this series, then you know exactly what to expect.


So without further ado, we present you “Look, Master! Boobs!! 3” from the collab circle of Toyobox and Kujira Logic.

Look, Master! Boobs!! cover page

There are two foxes on this cover page, both cute and both bringing sustenance to the table.

As with the previous volumes, “Look, Master! Boobs!! 3” consists of two halves, drawn by Kujiran and Kurikara, respectively. And while Tamamo (in her casual outfit) is still the star of the first, Kurikara’s half, the second one again has a more varied cast. Hakuno , the female protagnist of F/E CCC, is the focus of the largest chunk of it. The most interesting part is how she maintains her stoic/deadpan mannerism, all while giving a passionate boobjob coupled with dirty talk. Kujiran demonstrates an enviable level of writing skill here!

On top of that, Jinako, the token thicc lazy gamer girl get a few pages for herself. She is such a cutie, why aren’t there more doujinshi with her!? Very, very sad state of affairs.

If you’ve read the previous two volumes, you exactly what kind of cute art of expect, but here are a few sample pages, featuring all three heroines:
Look, Master! Boobs!! sample page 1Look, Master! Boobs!! sample page 2Look, Master! Boobs!! sample page 3

Look, Master! Boobs!! 3” is available right now in 2D Market store.