New Release: Boob Diviner

It’s been a while since we brought you a doujinshi from circle Dainichakai. After their work on Phantom Thief Black Bunny, they decided to turn back to a more grounded setting, high school. But the premise this is time is absolutely hilarious in its audacity: the protagonist is normal guy who used social engineering and psychological profiling to convince his schoolmates that he can solve their problems by fondling their boobs. You can’t make this stuff up, but you can definitely read about it in “Boob Diviner”!

Boob Diviner cover page

Divine Boobs

So how do you turn this ridiculous premise into a doujinshi plot? Simple: have a gullible class rep ask our hero to help her out. After he hacks into her laptop and figures out that her problem is rapid breast development leading to sensitivity and libido “problems”, you have a porn plot hook!

As you might have noticed from the plot description, this doujinshi doesn’t take itself too seriously. This is exacerbated by the protagonist’s design: despite allegedly being a teenager, he looks like a stereotypical middle-aged pervert, dumb face and receding hairline included. The intentionally amateurish way in which he is drawn only amplifies the comedic effect.

As a final note, we were at one point debating titling this book “Mastomancy”, but reason prevailed.

Have a few sample pages to revel in ridiculousness:
Boob Diviner sample page 1Boob Diviner sample page 2Boob Diviner sample page 3

Boob Diviner by circle Dainichakai is available on 2D Market store right now!