New release: KonHaru Sandwich by circle Yuusaritsukata

Birds of a feather flock together. This can also be applied to family members. It’s no wonder then, that after Haruna got together with her admiral in an earlier Yuusaristukata book, “Haruna is a Bad Girl”, we find out in this doujinshi that her sister Kongou is also very much into Admiral.

But sharing is caring, and family members always care for each other, right? So in this book, “KonHaru Sandwich”, we get to see admiral being shared by Kongou and Haruna.
KonHaru Sandwich cover page
If that intro and the cover illustration didn’t make it obvious, this is the first Yuusaritsukata book we’re publishing that features two heroines: the beautiful sister (ships) Kongou and Haruna. Both (ship) girls are well-endowed and more than willing to show off their assets to the Admiral. And when the action starts, he will find himself surrounded, stroked, sucked, kissed and sandwiched between these two beautiful sisters.

Story-wise, this doujinshi shows how certain character quirks that writers embed into their characters to make them more distinct would actually cause problems for real people. In this case, the culprit is Kongou’s tendency to use love a lot in everyday speech (her catchphrase is “Burning Love”). Because of this, her confessions of love towards the Admiral are not takes seriously. Depressed, she confides in Haruna, who makes a suggestion: they should work together as Admiral’s secretaries for one day and when the time comes for after work activities, they should also do them together. The cover illustration is what happens next…

Not much can be said about the artwork that we didn’t say previously for Awayume’s doujinshi. Suffice to say it features beautifully drawn female anatomy, especially around the chest area. Female chest connoisseurs will have much to enjoy. A few sample pages to prove our point:
KonHaru Sandwich sample page 1KonHaru Sandwich sample page 2KonHaru Sandwich sample page 3

KonHaru Sandwich by circle Yuusaritsukata is available now on 2D Market store.