New release: Koikokoro by Akikaze Asparagus

It’s been a while since we’ve published a full-color doujinshi, hasn’t it? Today we rectify that with a first book from a recently-announced author, Akikaze Asparagus, titled “Koikokoro”.
Koikokoro cover page
This doujinshi is fairly short, numbering only seven pages (including the cover page), but each page feature beautifully drawn and colored artwork. The author mention in the afterword that this is the first full-color doujinshi that they drew in a while, which explains its brevity. But what it lacks in length, it makes up in quality: each page is draw in exquisite details and show the two girl in all of their beauty.

If the previous sentence (and the cover page) didn’t tip you off, this a pure yuri title. Probably the “purest” yuri we’ve published so far: no male characters, no penises, no toys, just two girls and their bodies, hands and mouths. When you add the cute art style and sweet characters, you get deadly combination.

Just take a look:
Koikokoro sample page 1Koikokoro sample page 2Koikokoro sample page 3

Koikokoro by circle Akikaze Asparagus is available now on 2D Market store!