New release: Auguste Temptation by circle Akikaze Asparagus

The last doujinshi by Akikaze Asparagus that we published was the short and sweet Koikokoro. That doujinshi stood out by the virtue of its incredible full-color art and unbelievably cute characters. However, it had one flaw: it was short. It leaves a feeling of emptiness and sadness in the reader’s heart as it ends after only six pages. Today, we have something that can fill that hole in your porn-starved heart: a brand new, 16-pages long, full-color doujinshi by Akikaze Asparagus, titled “Auguste Temptation”.

Auguste Temptation cover page

Extremely tempting

“Auguste Temptation” is also the first Granblue parody on our store. On the cover above are the two heroines: Danua and Narmaya. You may look at them and ask yourself: how can something so cute and sexy even exist? And the answer is simple: they’re not humans, they’re draphs, and draph’s sexiness exceeds that of mere human beings. For those not familiar with Granblue, draphs are a race of humanoid with horns and extreme sexual dimorphism: while males are taller than humans and very muscular, females are naturally short and extremely well endowed. Every. Last. One. Of. Them. Is. Short. And. Stacked. And both Danua and Narmaya are a proud members of draph race who need no padding to rock the breast size that would snap the spine on a member of a lesser race. Truly glorious.

This doujinshi features two more heroines, not depicted above, but shown on the back cover instead: Yaia and Sara. Yaia is the shortest one of of the quartet, but she’s also somehow the most endowed one. You read that right: she’s a shortstack among the shortstacks. She provides the most sexiness per unit of volume of any character in any doujinshi that we’ve put out so far. She’s, in fact, so dangerously sexy, that it’s distracting to write about her any more, so let’s introduce the final heroine: Sara. Being a human, she’s flat as a board. Okay, she’s not that flat; in fact, she’s in a possession of a perfectly fine, modest chest. However, as a human, she simply cannot compete with draphs in that field. So she doesn’t. Instead, she competes with overwhelming cuteness and stamina. That’s right, she’s a beast in bed! (Metaphorically, as all the action in this doujinshi occurs outside, on the beach).

So when all four of them go on a vacation with their Captain on a tropical Auguste Island, what do you think happens? Hint: their bikinis don’t stay on for very long (about one page long). Even better, all four of them are all very cooperative and help each other out with having fun with the Captain. Truly, the best crew one can ask for.

A few sample pages:
Auguste Temptation sample page 1Auguste Temptation sample page 2Auguste Temptation sample page 3

Auguste Temptation”, ladies and gentlemen, is available right now on 2D Market store. Please enjoy yourselves.