New release: Sachi’s Part-time Job by circle Toitoikai

In our last announcement post, we noted four new doujinshi circles that were set to have their book published on 2D Market. Ahobaka, Akikaze Asparagus and Circle Romantic Flight’s book are already on sale, which leaves us with only one circle remaining. So today, we’re bringing you circle Toitoikai’s “Sachi’s Part-time Job”.

Sachi's Part-time Job cover page


This doujinshi is Toitoikai’s debut work and because of that it’s still a bit rough around the edges. However, you can easily notice the shine under the rough surface, and since this is only the first chapter in a 4-parts story, the polish will only get stronger as the chapters go on.

Toitoi has been working with Mucha before going solo, so it’s only fair to note that the story follows similar patterns as the books in Muchakai’s Development Diary series: a cute plump girl get coerced into progressively more lewd situations and gets more and more perverted as time goes on.There’s a twist here though: Sachi has been pretty pervy all along (her downfall comes from getting caught maturbating in the workplace), and it’s only her masochistic side that requires some development.

This connection to Muchakai’s work is even enforced in the title: had we wanted to established the pattern, we could have translate the title more literally as “Sachi-chan’s Part-time Job”. Compare that to “Chizuru-chan Development Diary”. We opted not to do this since we wanted Toitoi’s work to stand on it’s own.

Not much more needs to be said about this books, except that if you buy into the “Sachi’s Part-time Job” series, you’re in for a while ride and this is just the first chapter. Some sample pages:
Sachi's Part-time Job sample page 3Sachi's Part-time Job sample page 2Sachi's Part-time Job sample page 1

Sachi’s Part-time Job” is available right now on 2D market store.