New release from circle Doronuma Kyoudai: A Certain Nun’s Anal Masturbation Records ch.2: FutaAna 2

FutaAna 1 has been one of our more notable releases of last year, since it marked the start of another Doronuma Kyoudai series featuring a perverted futanari girl. The “start” part is important since, as the reader of the “FutaOna” series know, half the fun is seeing how far will the lewd hijinks escalate. And with the “perv level” starting relatively low in the first chapter, in FutaAna 2, it’s time to shift into higher gear!

FutaAna2 cover page

The original Japanese title used “✝✝” instead of “2”, but we thought that was a little too much on the nose

Well, “relatively” is the operating word here when talking about the “perv level”. Our heroine, Inori, did use a small statue to masturbate inside a church, after all. That’s still low level relatively to the stuff that happened near the end of the FutaOna series. And hopefully, relatively to the stuff that will happen in the upcoming chapters of FutaAna. We can only look forward to it giddily.

But for now, let focus on the the chapter that we have prepared for you today, the second one. Since the aftermath of her hijinks from the first chapter got discovered before she had the chance to clean up, she decides that masturbating on orphanage grounds is to risky. So she goes to do it in a public park. Flawless logic right there, Inori.

Oh, and she still rationalizes her masturbation as “banishing the devil”. To be fair, repressed sexuality in young nuns has a history of exploding in spectacular ways during medieval times, when a large chunk of them took the vows not out their own volition. We’ll leave you to do the research yourself, but let’s just say that if you imagine the situation from the movie Exorcist, except with dozens of nuns acting in outrageous ways at the same time, all while claiming to be possessed by the Devil… you would be imagining something pretty close to reality.

Luckily, we live in a sexually liberated age, so even a pervy nun like Inori can go to the public park at night and use a water fountain to relieve herself. We’ve really gone far as a society… It’s truly inspiring.

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A Certain Nun’s Anal Masturbation Records ch.2: FutaAna 2” by circle Doronuma Kyoudai is on sale now in 2D Market store.