First release from circle KAZAMA DoJo: Asukappai

Before we start, take a look at the cover below. Let it sink in.

Okay, welcome back. A few minutes probably passed while you were engrossed in those massive mammaries on the cover (canonically, they’re P-cup), but now that we have your attention, we’re going to announce the next circle to be added to 2D Market: KAZAMA DoJo. And their debut work is going to be Asukappai, aptly named that way because the heroines are Asuka and her oppai.

Asukappai cover page

Her head is the size of her areolas!

Boob jokes aside, this doujin could have easily been named “Assukappai”, since Asuka’s ass is also rather large. Just, you know… not AS large as her boobs.

You will also be happy to hear that Asuka’s oppai are not here just for show. As the plot goes, her dojo is in debt and an ugly bastard comes along, saying he’ll cover the debt if she becomes his plaything for a month. To be perfectly honest though, her breasts will occupy so much of your headspace that you won’t be able to follow the plot. The main point is that said ugly bastard has a fixation on her boobs and uses them in every way imaginable. Poking, groping, kneading, licking and sucking are all the things he does before even getting to a proper paizuri. Just look at that cheeky grab on the cover above! Like we said, her boobs are not here just for show, they have an active and significant role in this doujin.

We’d usually spend a paragraph here praising the art from the KAZAMA DoJo’s main artist, Mucc, but those boobs speak for themselves. Just go check out Mucc’s pixiv for even more of them. Even more important, if you want to motivate Mucc to draw even more awesome oppai, consider supporting them on Patreon.

Here’s a few sample pages from Asukappai:
Asukappai sample page 1Asukappai sample page 2Asukappai sample page 3

There’s more where that came from! Asukappai from circle KAZAMA DoJo is on sale right now in 2D Market store.

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