First release from circle Hibon: Lady Cocknight and Her Princess

Another circle joins 2D Market today, and their debut doujin with us is a sight to behold. Not only is the cover (below) about as audacious as they get, the interior art is beautiful and the story is genuinely interesting. None of that stopped us from putting a pun in the title, though. We welcome circle Hibon and their “Lady Cocknight and Her Princess” to 2D Market!

Lady Cocknight and Her Princess cover page

Yuri with extra

If you’ve enjoyed our previous yuri-esque futa doujins, you’ll love “Lady Cocknight”. It begins as a genuine yuri love story between the Princess Fleur and her loyal knight, Clara. Clara has a one-sided crush on Fleur, but that feeling might be more mutual than she thinks. In the end it’s all for naught, unfortunately: it’s the princess’s duty to bear children in a political marriage. But don’t worry! It’s a high fantasy. The court mage gives Clara a way to sire children: a penis. And a rather big penis, to boot. You can see where this is all going, right?

We won’t spoil the payoff of this setup, but let’s say both Clara and Fleur are simultaneously awkward and incredibly thirsty for each other. Seeing the two of them go at it is both exceedingly sweet and overwhelmingly hot. That is not even close to enough epithets needed to describe the contents of this doujin, but we’ll stop here.

Art is also great: Clara is a hot, tall badass, with a toned, scarred body appropriate for her position as a noble knight. Fleur, on the other hand, oozes femininity with her petite, slender stature, framed by long locks of blond hair. They’re even shaded differently, as Itami (the main artist behind circle Hibon) used thicker lines and deeper shadows for Clara and thin lines and light shading on Fleur. So when they stand next to each other, Fleur radiates light, while Clara absorbs it. You could say that their sex is a lightshow, but jokes aside, their contrast is great.

Lady Cocknight and Her Princess sample page 1Lady Cocknight and Her Princess sample page 2Lady Cocknight and Her Princess sample page 3

Before we sign off, let’s talk a bit about circle Hibon: “yuri futa” is actually a minority genre in their portfolio. The majority consists of yaoi, femboys or futa-on-male. And considering it’s all drawn in the same art style as this doujin, you can imagine how hot it all is. At the moment, we’ve secured the rights for another “yuri futa” doujin and a three-part futa-on-male series. Let us know what genre you would like us to focus on going forward.

Hibon covers

What’s coming up in Hibon land

For now, you can grab “Lady Cocknight and Her Princess” on our store.

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