New release: Chocolat’s Sparkling Public Mating Show by circle Muchakai

A long time ago, Mucha drew several Smile Precure doujinshi. After a few years of drawing mostly original content, Muchakai is back to some sweet Precure content, except this time with the latest and shiniest Kirakira Precure A La Mode!

There’s also a dog involved.

Chocolat's Sparkling Public Mating Show cover page

In ero manga stories, “Mating” is normally used mockingly. Here it’s used literally.

Yes, that cover is not bait-and-switch, Cure Chocolat/Akira gets some high impact mating action with that dog! The reason? Magic.

Precures are Magical Girls after all, in case you forgot. In this instance, though, Akira can blame Pekorin for messing with her transformation: in order to let her move publicly while transformed more easily, Pekorin made Akira appear as a dog to all non-magical creatures. As an unexpected side effect, it also made her more dog-like. Or, more precisely, bitch-like. Now combine that with the fact that she’s a massive exhibitionist pervert and that dogs perceive her as one of their own, and you can see exactly how this doujinshi’s main sex scene is going to play out.

As is typical for Muchakai’s doujinshi, there’s actually a fairly long build-up to the main scene in which we see Akira acting more and more perverted, doing ever so more risque stuff, until it all culminates in the mating scene in the public park. The fact that she’s doing it all by herself, without any coercion, just makes the whole process that much more exhilarating to watch.

We have sang many praises to Mucha’s art over the years and there’s little to add here. Just check our articles about Chizuru-chan’s Development Diary or Zero-kun’s Secret First Time if you’re interested. Or, even better, just take a look at these sample pages:
Chocolat's Sparkling Public Mating Show sample page 1Chocolat's Sparkling Public Mating Show sample page 2Chocolat's Sparkling Public Mating Show sample page 3

Chocolat’s Sparkling Public Mating Show by circle Muchakai is available now in 2D Market store.