New Release: Victim Girls 21 by circle Fatalpulse

It’s been a while since we last published a Fatalpulse doujinshi. Since July of the last year, to be exact. So how about we fix that drought of Fatalpulse goodness today?

In fact, the doujinshi that we’re publishing today, Victim Girls 21, represents the very essence of Fatalpulse, the soul and heart of Fatalpulse: the wish to bring draw HAPPY ENDINGS and SMILES. Look, the the cover page literally has smiling girls front and center, with “HAPPY END” written in big bold letter above them!

It’s wonderful!

Victim Girls 21 - Livestock HAPPY END cover page

All smiles

Okay, jokes aside, the doujinshi we’re publishing todays is the second parody Asanagi (the artist behind Fatalpulse) drew of Granblue Fantasy. We didn’t get the chance to publish the first one, so we’re aiming to make it up with this masterpiece.

Of course, this is not the first Granblue parody we published. However this is the first one that focuses on the members of the Erune race. Since we previously wrote an essay on the draph physiology, we can use this opportunity to write a bit about erune. Unlike draphs, they don’t have an tendency toward a body type that’s too different from humans. They may be a bit slender on average, but generally, their only anatomical peculiarity is that they have a pair of fluffy ears and sometimes a fluffy tail. Outside of that, they have one other thing that distinguishes them, although that’s a cultural thing, so it’s not 100% set in stone: they dress skimpy. Particularly, they almost always keep their back or their sides bare, regardless of gender. What a wonderful enriching culture!

As far as this particular doujinshi is concerned, it primarily focuses on Korwa, the world famous fashion designer. A few other erune (Metera, Sutera, Ferry, Yuel, Societte and Arusha) are shown in risque situations, but Korwa is the star and heroine, and the narration is done from her point of view.

The story has Korwa making dresses, for a certain draph client, that are cursed to make the wearer completely obedient. Her client is also extremely racist towards erune (see, not all Fatalpulse villains have to be misogynistic. He’s definitely a true fedora-tipping gentleman towards draph women), so when he orders a dress that matches her three sizes, you can add two and two and make a pretty accurate educated guess about the direction the plot is going to take. “Livestock” in the title is a pretty useful hint too.

By the way, Korwa has a great ass. Not really related to the rest of the post, but we thought it deserves a mention.

Asanagi’s art really needs no introduction, as most people who exist on the Internet should be familiar with it by now. If not directly, then definitely via the omnipresent reaction faces or even via a certain famous copyright-infringing shirt with Asanagi’s art as its centerpiece. But for this particular doujinshi, we have prepared a few sample pages:
Victim Girls 21 - Livestock HAPPY END sample page 1Victim Girls 21 - Livestock HAPPY END sample page 2Victim Girls 21 - Livestock HAPPY END sample page 3

Victim Girls 21: Livestock: HAPPY END by circle Fatalpulse is available right now on 2D market store.