New release from circle Akikaze Asparagus: Momiji Dream Corridor

Momiji Youkai Brothel was our release, back in November, just before we announced new circles and opened the floodgates for their doujinshi, so maybe it got buried in all the new and exciting releases we had back then. We’re here today with the sequel titled “Momiji Dream Corridor”, to shine another spotlight on this amazing doujinshi miniseries from Akikaze Asparagus.

Momiji Youkai Brothel cover page

Original Japanese cover had a bunch of cute pink hearts all over it. Since they doubled as censorship, with heavy heart we decided to remove them.

Where Momiji Youkai Brothel has a sex scene followed by time skip that leads into another scene, Momiji Dream Corridor has a more standard ero doujinshi plot structure: sex scene starts on page one and goes on until the second-to-last page. That way, we get more ero per page on average, or if you prefer a more scientific term, higher ero density.

Jokes aside, while Dream Corridor is a sequel to Youkai Brothel, there’s very little in common between the two stories. In Dream Corridor, Momiji mentions having “customers”, so little is left to the imagination in that regard. Still, the actual action mostly happens while she’s asleep, so the connection is quite inconsequential. Furthering the contrast even more, Momiji spends most of the Youkai Brothel blindfolded and laying down on the bed, while in Dream Corridor she spends most of her time on top. Which one is better is left to personal preferences, bit the lack of blindfold lends itself to proliferation of heart-shaped-pupils, which is always better.

Art-wise, there’s not much that we can say that hasn’t been already written in previous blog posts about Akikaze Asparagus releases. We think it will suffice to remind you about just how good Aki’s art is with a few sample pages:
Momiji Youkai Brothel sample page 1Momiji Youkai Brothel sample page 2Momiji Youkai Brothel sample page 3

Momiji Dream Corridor from circle Akikaze Asparagus is available now on 2D Market store.