New Release: Look, Master! Boobs!!

If you’ve read the first doujinshi in the “Look, Master! Boobs!!” series from circles Toybox and Kujira Logic, you are familiar with its selling point: ️️️️️. And boobjobs, of course. So, since we’re bringing you the sequel today, “Look, Master! Boobs!! 2“, you should not be surprised at this cover page:

Look, Master! Boobs!! 2 cover page

Perfect balance of cute and lewd

As with the previous volume, “Look, Master! Boobs!! 2” consists of two halves, drawn by Kujiran and Kurikara, respectively. And while Tamamo still stars in the first, Kurikara’s, half, the second half takes a more varied approach. Big breasts and boobjobs are stil the primary focus, but the provider of said boobjobs is not Caster, but BB, in all her yandere glory. Red Saber also has a two-page cameo at the end. The whole thing just shows how much of a variety you can have, all while keeping the breasts at the comfortably huge sizes and large quantities.

The story again takes the backseat, with the Master being mostly a silent protagonist. This literary trick is perfect for this kind of story, since it allows the girls to deliver their exposition as dirty talk. It also removes all agency from the main character, but hey, that what’s he gets for having no breasts in a titty doujinshi.

During the course of her story, Caster changes her outfit several times. It really makes you appreciate the efforts that was put in the source material designs. Here are a few pages to give you a sample of what’s to come: Continue reading

New Release: The Princess Who Became a Dog I-II-III

We have previously made double releases and we’ve published fairly long doujinshi, but today we have something really special for you, something that topples both of those. From the master of combining cute and lewd, sin-maniax, we bring you three whole doujinshi, containing 40 pages of manga, four full color cover pages and several illustration, all packaged together in one neat bundle. The Princess Who Became a Dog I-II-III Cover Page

This “Dog Princess I-II-III” bundle contains first three issues of the “The Princess Who Became a Dog” series. The whole story recounts the tale of a certain Princess of Moonbrooke who wished no longer to be a princess. The cursed Mirror of Ra listened to her wish and created for her an evil twin, a twisted reflection to take her place. In return though, the twin starts “training” her to reveal her true nature: a lowly bitch.

The story is broken into three chapters, with the first one showing the princess getting broken in, the second one showing her finally coming to terms with her own perverted nature, and the third one showing just how deep into depravity she’s fallen.

There’s also a fourth issue, but that one will have to wait for another day. Work has already begun on it though, so stay tuned.

If you’ve read our previous release by sin-maniax, you should be familiar with the style: clean art showing very cute girls doing very perverted things. The strength of this style really shines after the first part, when the Princess starts doing all the lewd acts willingly, all while carrying a blissful angelic smile on her face. Quite a few pages also totally eschew the typical comic book panel composition to deliver full page illustration. Just look at these sample pages: Continue reading

2016 announcements part 4: Triangle!

Unlike the previous three circles that we announced, today’s announcement concerns a doujinshi circle that’s untypical in more than one way. First of all, all their works are done in full color, which is an amazing feat for a doujinshi circle.

Triangle! doujinshi page

It looks even better in high resolution.

Second thing that makes this circle, Triangle!, unique is the fact that the circle leader, Uraha, doesn’t contribute art to the circle’s doujinshi. Rather, Uraha handles the design and production, while the artwork is drawn by a selection of famous artists. Some doujinshi are drawn by a single artist, like the one from which the above page came from, while other can contain illustrations from dozens of different artists. Uraha coordinates the theme and storyboard, while everyone else contributes their art.

It’s an interesting system that allows a single doujinshi to have illustration pertaining to various drawing styles, while maintaining a cohesive theme.

Triangle! doujinshi page

Art’s amazing too, especially now that it’s uncensored

When we start publishing works from Triangle, we’d like to hear from you what you think about individual artists and the doujinshi as a whole. The commenting functionality of our site has been criminally underused and we’d like to employ it to hear your opinions. After buying, leave a comment saying which artist you liked the most and we’ll look into bringing more doujinshi featuring their art to 2D Market.

Tune in tomorrow for our next announcement.

2016 announcements part 3: Fatalpulse

After two announcements that had a lot of happy sex and humor, the time has come to present something a bit more… violent and hardcore.

Victim girls 12 panel

You can guess where this is going

If you spend a significant time on the internet, it is very likely that you have at one point seen an image drawn by an artist going by the name Asanagi. In fact, if you know the meaning of the word “ahegao”, it’s likely that one of the first thing you associate with it is an image of a face taken from a doujinshi drawn by Asanagi. Granted, Asanagi is more known by his circle name, Fatalpulse.

Victim girls 12 panel

Accurate depiction of 2DM staff when they work on an uncensored Fatalpulse doujinshi

While Asanagi has contributed his art to commercial magazines, anthologies and games, he is most famous through his circle’s works. Among them the 20-odd issues long Victim Girls series of doujinshi stand as the most recognisable and representative.

Asanagi is also very active on twitter and pixiv and often posts his drawings there. Unfortunately, last year his old twitter account (@Fatalpulse) got inexplicably suspended by Twitter. He has since moved to a new account (@Victim_girls), where he has, at the time of this writing, surpassed 70k followers. As a response to Twitter’s actions, he has toned down the explicitness of the images posted on his twitter. However, if you take a look at his twitter media feed, you’ll notice that he’s the kind of artist whose art is supremely lewd even when it’s not particularly explicit.

Fatalpulse illustration

Case in point, taken from here

One of the biggest testaments to Fatalpulse’s fame, even in the English-speaking community, comes from the fact the every single one of the Victim Girls doujinshi has been scanlated into English. Despite that, when the opportunity presented itself, there was absolutely no doubt in our minds to feature such a prolific author on our site, especially since we would be able to work on uncensored artwork.

Currently, the two doujinshi from the Victim Girls series are nearly ready to go on sale and even more are expected soon to follow. We hope this will pave the way to even more uncensored Victim Girls on 2D Market site.

Tune in tomorrow for our next announcement.

2016 announcements part 1: Shouwa Saishuu Sensen

For our first announcement of the year 2016, we’ve chosen to present you a circle with a human face. If you count the FemHero from DQ as a human, that is. If you look at the circle Shouwa Saishuu Sensen (meaning “Last battlefront of Shouwa era”) twitter, pixiv or niconico profile, you will notice a distinct pattern of a well-endowed, long haired, blue garment wearing girl being in every profile picture and every customizable design element. Obviously inspired by the DQ3 heroine, this character has become a poster girl for the circle, and a protagonist of their 9-issues long series of doujinshi.

Can’t blame them, the design is delicious

Can’t blame them, the design is delicious

In addition to the series featuring their poster girl, Hanauna, the artist behind Showa Saishuu Sensen, has drawn several other doujinshi, mostly featuring KanColle characters. They are all characterized by well-endowed protagonists, a (usually dark) sense of humor and plenty of hot, steamy situations. Hanauna’s art is very striking and expressive, and goes well with situations where the protagonist girl gets bullied, which tends to happen quite a lot in his doujinshi.

Those are some really beautiful eyes

Those are some really beautiful eyes

We will bring several Shuowa Saishuu Sensen doujinshi to 2D market in their full uncensored glory. Work has already begun on a KanColle doujinshi featuring Noshiro, but we’ll also bring make sure to translate at least one doujinshi featuring the circle’s poster girl.

Why is that light boob grab so hot?

Why is that light boob grab so hot?

If the images in this post have convinced you of the greatness of Hanauna’s art to such an extent that you started throwing your wallet at your computer screen, first of all, please stop, as it can only take as much punishment before it starts getting dead pixels. Then consider taking a look at Hanauna’s Enty campaign. If you never heard of it, Enty is basically a Japan-based Patreon and follows the same principles: for a monthly patronage, you receive access to high-resolution images, WIP sketches and such.

Tune in tomorrow for our next announcement.

Hunt Hunt release

It can be safely said that most of doujinshi readers outside of Japan associate the entire medium with erotic content (or pornography, if you want to be more blunt). The content of our site surely hasn’t done much to affect that perception: up to this point, all the books we published featured erotic content.

However, that perception isn’t quite true. Doujinshi without erotic content make huge chunk of the produced content. Some observations even show that up to 90% of booths at the Tohou-centric doujin convention Reitasai falls outside the adult-only section. Of course, those include booths selling home-made character goods (pins, posters, cards etc.), games and cosplay, so the actual percentage of doujinshi featuring erotic content is undoubtedly higher than 10%. Still, our staff has attended many doujinshi conventions during this year and can attest to the large number of SFW books that are being sold there.

Following that notion, we decided that it would be worthwhile to publish a doujinshi without any erotic content, should the opportunity presents itself. After all, our stated goal is to bring quality doujinshi to the international audience, regardless of content. Of course, without the selling point of erotic content, we had to apply stronger scrutiny to all other aspects of the doujinshi (such as art, story, pacing etc.) when choosing what to publish. And with the book that we’re publishing today, we believe that we’ve found a truly amazing piece of independent manga.

Hunt Hunt by strelka cover page

2D Market is proud to present you the official translation of the first (and so far only) independant doujinshi by the circle strelka, “Hunt Hunt”. Set in an original fictional contemporary setting, it features detailed art, loveable characters and a quirky sense of humor.
Story synopsis:

30 years ago a rain of meteors showered the Earth and from the scattered meteorite sprung a whole plethora of bizarre fantastical creatures… that just happen to be really tasty.

Follow the members of the Hunt Club as they prepare for their school’s cultural festival. They plan to lure in and trap a bunch of innocent, unwitting young boys… by selling them tasty food. And as their club’s names implies, girls of the Hunt Club hunt their own food.

Enjoy the first doujinshi published by 2D Market that doesn’t contain any adults only material, but makes up for it with story, action, dynamic pantyshots and puns (and maybe a MonHun reference or two).

To get a better sense of the tone, here’s a promo flyer that was distributed at the doujinshi conventions by the authors: Continue reading

Winter Comiket – C87

Yesterday, one member of our team went to the second day of 87th Comiket (Comic Market).

For the few of you who have no idea (or only have a slight idea of) what Comiket is, I’ll take the lazy approach and direct you to read the Wikipedia article. In short, it a biannual fair celebrating Japanese independent creators. This covers authors of comics, games, music, voice acting, photography and many more.

I’ll try to make our attendee write up a post about his impressions. Even though this wasn’t his first time attending, I’m sure this refreshed his memories of long lines and huge crowds.

I’ll leave you with this photo taken yesterday of the iconic Tokyo Big Sight conference center, that has for a while now been seen as a symbol of Comiket:

Tokyo Big SightP.S. Of course we’ll also be attending the third day.