Summer announcements wrap-up

The last two blog posts were all about announcing new circles, but in out third and final summer announcements post, we’ll do something different.

We have a number of doujinshi in our pipeline that will be released later in the year. Up until now, we’ve normally announced a specific doujinshi a day or so before release. This has led to frequent question about whether we’ll be even publishing specific doujinshi or not. For the sake of transparency, we’ll list all doujinshi that we’re currently working on. To avoid unnecessary repetitions, we’ll omit the doujinshi from the circles that we have already announced in the last two blog posts.

Let us know what you think about this format!
In case you don’t care about any of this, we have a little surprise to make up for the time you’ve spent reading up until this point: in our first blog post in the series, we said that “no new doujinshi will be going up for sale this week”. Okay, but that doesn’t mean we can release one for free, does it?

We have here for you a short doujinshi from Muchakai, originally published as a CG set on pixiv. The title is “Chocolat Having a Bad Time During a Pr*tty Cure Show“. How bad of a time exactly, you might wonder… Well, you’ll just have to click here and find out for yourself.

Chocolat Having a Bad Time During a Pr■tty Cure Show cover page
Now on with the list. One last note: the titles, if written, are subject to change. Continue reading

Summer announcements part 1

Summer officially started last week so we thought it would be a good time to get the juices flowing. We made our last batch of announcements in February, when we announces 9 new circles. This time, we’re scaling back. We only have eight new circles to announce.

Also, there will be no new doujinshi going up for sale this week, but we might have a surprise for you instead. Stay tuned!

To keep the blog posts at a reasonable size, we’ll split the announcement in two part. To start of with, here are the first four circles whose works you’ll soon find on 2D Market: Continue reading

New release by circle Triangle: Tormented By Cum Crazy Rui♪ Human Training Diary

All the monster girls featured in the doujinshi we published so far were fairly humanoid in appearance. Today, we’re breaking that mold and putting the “monster” back in “monster girl” with Triangle’s Tormented By Cum Crazy Rui♪ Human Training Diary!

…is what we’d like to say, but the girl in question is actually a frog girl and frogs aren’t all that monstrous in general. Oh well, baby steps. We’ll get to something thoroughly inhuman one day.

Tormented Cum Crazy Rui cover page

Dude! Let me in! I’m just a frog!

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New release by Circle Romantic Flight: MisakiFight!

Last doujinshi by Circle Romantic Flight that we published centered around a certain girl from God Eater series getting it on with an older gentleman. Today’s doujinshi has a certain girls from a card game franchise getting it on with an older gentleman. Sometimes it’s not about the idea, it’s about the execution. And MisakiFight! is superbly executed.

MisakiFight! cover page

Her thighs are that thick because she needs structural support

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New release by circle Yuzuya: A Book About Getting Milked Dry by Shuten Douji

Last week, we published a doujinshi in which the protagonist gets pounced on by an oni. Through sheer coincidence, that’s pretty much a summary of the today’s doujinshi too. And they even both have “milked” in the title. This leads to the only possible conclusion: milking men must be an oni racial trait. Join us today in this in-depth exploration of the peculiar behaviour and fascinating ecology of the mythical oni, titled “A Book About Getting Milked Dry by Shuten Douji”, brought to you by Yuzuya and adapted by 2D Market.

A Book About Getting Milked Dry by Shuten Douji cover page

Milk and honey

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New release by circle Ahobaka: Milked By an Oni Gal

Diversity and multiculturalism are great! Especially when the diversity comes from multiple monster girl species living in human society and cultural enrichment comes from said monster girls getting it off with humans. Just read Ahobaka’s doujinshi and get woke.

Where the previous doujinshi from Ahobaka that we published, “Succubus Widow’s Afternoon Secret” was a sombre, melancholic story with some dark undertones, “Milked By an Oni Gal” is a polar opposite: a fast paced story with a genki energetic lead that’s all about having fun.

Milked By an Oni Gal cover page

Her horn is not a phallic symbol. If it were, with a body like this, it would grow thick and large enough to pierce the heavens.

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