New release from circle Akikaze Asparagus: Fucking with Portals!

We’ve always loved Akikaze Asparagus‘s meltingly squishy girls and charming story lines, so it’s with special joy that we announce our newest release from the circle: Fucking With Portals.

If a title that delightful isn’t enough to hook your attention, here’s one more word for you: kemonomimi. Yep, it’s all animal ears all the time in this release. We’re not even talking your standard bunny, cat, or fox. No, these are big, round, adorable mouse ears. Nazrin means business.

Fucking with Portals cover page


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First release from circle Mukousharan: I Love My Admiral

What could be sweeter than newlywed life? In this week’s release from circle Mukousharan, Ushio couldn’t be happier. She’s just married her beloved admiral and is thrilled to start doing all the things a wife does: keeping the house tidy, making delicious bento for the Admiral, and making his bed. But aren’t there other things wives do..? This doujinshi it titled “I Love My Admiral“, so she’s sure to find out the answer…

I Love My Admiral cover page

Life for Wife. Or is it the other way around..?

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May 2019 announcements part 1

It’s been six months since our last batch of announcements back in December, meaning we haven’t yet announced anything in 2019. Did you worry things were quiet behind the scenes? Nothing could be further from the truth! We’ve been working so hard that we’re going to have to split our circle announcements into two posts this time.

Because, baby, we got five this time!! Five new circles to enrich your doujin-reading life. Mm-mm, smell that delicious variety.

The nitty-gritty: We have three circles for you today and we’ll be back on Thursday with two more. It also bears mentioning that all names in this post are temporary and are subject to change before publication.

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New Release from Circle Meat Field: I Shouldn’t Have Gone to the Doujinshi Convention Without Telling My Wife 1.5

This week’s release is a fresh and tasty number from circle Meat Field. And when we say fresh, we do mean fresh: artist Minamoto debuted this title at COMIC1☆15, little more than two weeks ago! The artist was dying to write this extra juicy housewife cheating scenario and was kind enough to share the resulting half sequel with us. Mouth not watering yet? Let’s dig in further.

I Shouldnt Have Gone to the Doujinshi Convention Without Telling My Wife 1_5 cover page

It may only be a half sequel, but it’s a whole meal.

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New release by circle Metro Notes: Naughty Foxy vol.11

Remember around this time last year when we debuted Tsumetoro/Metro Note’s incredible series Gentleman’s Maid Sophie? And we mentioned that the artist had a multi-issue monster girl series (and a Patreon)? Well, we thought you might like to sink–and we do mean SINK–your teeth into some of that.

Naughty Foxy vol11 cover page

Hello, doctor? We’ve got a case of acute THICCNESS on our hands.

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New release from Studio Diamond: This Time Her Daughter Is Looking at Me Like She Wants to Suck Me Dry and Guzzle My Cum All Day Long!

Our last release by Nemui Neru and Studio Diamond was “A Lascivious Neighborhood Wife I Longed for Looks at Me with Eyes Screaming for My Dick“. Now we have for you its direct sequel: “This Time Her Daughter Is Looking at Me Like She Wants to Suck Me Dry and Guzzle My Cum All Day Long!”.
With a title like that, it seems like there’s barely any need for a blog post, huh?

This Time Her Daughter Is Looking at Me like She Wants to Suck Me Dry and Guzzle My Cum All Day Long cover page

What’s better than a cock-crazed cum dump? Two of them!!

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New release from circle Kabayakiya: Bedtime with Mom

As promised, Kabayakiya is back with another heaping helping of motherly love!

“Bedtime with Mom” is a direct follow-up to Kabayakiya’s previous FGO book, “Bathing with Mom.” Buuuuut, instead of ten pages of mature matron on spunky youth action, Kabayakiya brings twenty nonstop pages of Minamoto no Raikou’s cushiony body!

The premise is familiar to readers of Unagimaru’s (the mangaka behind circle Kabayakiya) earlier volume: Gudao is trying to peacefully go about his daily life when his Servant, Raikou, arrives to “help” him–derailing him completely. It may be inconvenient, but who could complain about Raikou’s assistance?

Bedtime with Mom cover page

Two pillows is just right~

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