New Release: A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 7

After six volumes of Doronuma Kyoudai’s saga, we come to the penultimate chapter, and the one with the divisive content. Without further ado, we present to you A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 7.

FutaOna7 cover page

Nice piece of cloth you have there, Tomoe. Wouldn’t it be a shame if something were to happen to it and the extra page at the end of the doujinshi has you without it?

This chapter starts seconds after chapter 6 ended, with Tomoe talking to her chat after getting of that vibrating saddle. Since her summer break is over, she makes one last deal with her subscribers: an offline meeting at an isolated, closed down factory. One month later, at the appointed date, she goes there wearing nothing but a pair of thigh-highs under an overcoat.

Will the meetup be successful? How far is she willing to push this? Find out in the seventh chapter of A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary!

We’ll keep it short today and avoid any spoilers, since the story takes some unexpected turns in this one. Just believe in Tomoe and know her lewdness knows no bounds.

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New Release: Evil at Heart 1+2

While a large portion of our portfolio is composed of parodies, we’re always excited to bring over original stories, like Hunt Hunt or the Development Diary series. So when an opportunity arose for us to localize and publish a pair of original doujinshi that had elements of mecha on top of that, we were quick to seize it. And so, we’re here today to write about this new doujinshi from circle Izanagi, Evil at Heart.
Evil at Heart 1 and 2 cover page

If you’ve read the previous doujinshi from Izanagi that we published, Stolen Away, you’ll recognise some overarching themes/fetishes of this book, in particular corruption, brainwashing and NTR. What makes this book stand out from the flock, though, is it’s setting and story. It manages to establish a whole back story of a long war between giant demons from another dimension and humanity, who developed demon hybrids to do battle for them. This is just scratching the surface though, and there is a more detailed plot woven into the background that we will not spoil here. And the best part? It presented completely naturally through dialog as the process of brainwashing is ongoing.

By the end of the first half of this doujinshi, you start wishing that this wasn’t an original story so that you could read/watch the source material. But alas, there’s no such thing. This entire setting is contained in these forty or so pages.
Evil at Heart 1 and 2 mecha

And then you get to the second half, Evil at Heart 2, and the focus shifts from grand story to personal relations. The second half is all about the characters, their interactions and history. The corruption of the main heroine that took place in the first half now explodes in full glory as her perverted and sadistic side takes over and she takes it all out on her ex-pilot. The contrast of her demonic demeanor and the innocent reservation of the young pilot takes this story and it’s depraved eroticism to the next level.

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New Release: Benmusu -Records of the Toilet Girl Adventures- Ch.8: Road to Isis Arc

The time has come! Today we have for you the next chapter in Shouwa Saishuu Sensen’s story of the adventures of DQ3’s female protagonist who didn’t grind when she was supposed to. The eighth chapter of this world-trotting saga is called “Road to Isis Arc”.

Benmusu8 Road to Isis Arc cover page

Dental care sure was extreme in the medieval ages

Before someone gets the wrong idea, “Isis” in the title is the name of the city. A name that is probably inspired by the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis. Okay, let’s move on.

As with the previous chapter, the story takes place in the Middle-east-inspired city of Asham. After “rescuing” Mage (actually, buying her as a slave), Hero and Master are preparing for their trip to the desert city of Isis. However, Master is looking to recuperate some of his losses and “asks” Hero to procure some funds. He also helpfully introduces her to an establishment that would allow her to earn tons of money fast.

Unless this is the first ero manga or doujinshi that you’re reading (in which case, hello and enjoy your stay), you can guess what exactly this entails.

The art in this book is the usual amazing fare from Hanauna, with all the female characters being drawn incredibly cute. So much so, that you almost feel bad for the rough sex that happens. Almost. (They enjoy it.) We also get the glimpse of some Mage action, and she does not disappoint. After seeing her jugs in action, you’ll be glad to hear that she joins the party permanently!

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New Release: Look, Master! Boobs!!

Back in January, we announced several new artist and doujinshi. It’s a bit overdue, but today we bring you the first doujinshi from the final announced circle: “Look, Master! Boobs!!” by circles Toybox and Kujira Logic!

Look, Master! Boobs!! cover page

There’s a lot to look at

First, let’s talk about the elephant in the room (and no, we don’t mean those soft, gigantic boobs on the cover above): why are there two circles in the circle name? Well, it just happens to be that this circle is a collaboration between two artist, Kurikara and Kujiran, and the name of the collab circle is simply a combination of names of their individual circles. This is also reflected in the structure of this doujinshi: it actually features two unrelated stories, each written and drawn by one of the artists. In order to emphasize this this difference in style, we opted to have them edited and typeset by two different staff members. This is the first time we did something like this, so let us know what you think about this.

And while the stories are “unrelated” in the strict sense, they are very much connected by the common heroine, Caster AKA Tamamo no Mae, and by the common theme: Boob jobs. You see that “Paizuri only” sticker on the cover page? Well, it ain’t there for no reason! This book is primarily aimed at fans of big breasts, bombastic boobs, titanic titties, massive mammaries, bodacious bosom and broad bust. Contained in it is a copious amounts of male member getting teased, rubbed, embraced, pressed between and smothered by said massive mammaries.

The presentation is fairly similar to the Ashitakara Ganbaru doujinshi, with the protagonist remaining silent throughout the course of the story and all (dirty) exposition being delivered by the heroine. In other words, there are 17+ pages of a cute foxgirl talking about doing thing with her boobs. It’s glorious.

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New Release: A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 6

In the previous chapters of A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary series, we’ve seen Tomoe escalating her masturbation habits in extremely deviant and perverted ways. But things take a more mundane, down-to-earth tone in this chapter, A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 6.

As a natural fit to her exhibitionist tendencies that became apparent in the last two chapters, Tomoe decides to become a Twitch streamer.

FutaOna6 cover page

She might have to switch from Twitch to Youtube Live for this kind of content

To be fair, the streaming site interface and the content of her streams are more in line with FC2 Live, where you can also find several Japanese ero artists creating their art live. And unless they’re working with a foreign publisher like us, FC2 is the only place where you might get a glimpse of uncensored ero art.

But let’s get back on topic, which is Tomoe. What differentiates this chapter from the previous ones is the fact that it depicts a montage of her streams over a period of one month. It starts with a simple fap session on stream, moves to onaholes and toys and ends up with some really perverted DIY toys. Even better, RED-RUM made the effort to draw a different outfit for every stream, so you get Tomoe in five different, sexy outfits. So rate, favorite and subscribe for more Tomoe lewdness.

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New Release: Victim Girls 13: Dragon Slayer by circle Fatalpulse

Today we bring you another doujinshi by Fatalpulse, this time starring the five girls from a certain mahjong club. If you’ve read any of the Fatalpulse stories before, you know what’s in tow for them, so without further ado, we present you “Victim Girls 13: Dragon Slayer”.

Victim Girls 13 - Dragon Slayer by Fatalpulse cover page

With all the creative censorship happening on this cover page, the most lewd part remains in plain sight: they’re holding hands.

For the record, there are no actual dragons, or slaying of said mythological beings in this book. “Dragon Slayer” in the title is the wordplay on the fact that the main heroine of the book is known as “The Dragon Lord” in the original material for her ability to pull dora mahjong tiles into her hand (dora tiles increase the final score when they’re a part of the winning hand).

What separates this book from the rest of the Fatalpulse opus is the heavy use of drugs in the story. In addition to serving as the vessel of the corruption fetish, drug abuse is used effectively as a plot device. Since the story revolves around a twisted revenge plot, getting the friends of the target addicted gives us a clear villain in the story. This way, Fatalpulse follows the maxim of “show, don’t tell” in a very unapologetic way.

For the record, if you’ve never read a Fatalpulse doujinshi… Well, take a look at tags on the store page and determine if this is for you. This doujinshi is a wild ride and its 40 pages are definitely not for the faint of heart. It suffices to say that the antagonist is basically an alternate-reality version of Dejiree from Victim Girls 7. As is the case there, you can expect him to be a walking parody of extreme misogyny.

We’d usually praise the art in this paragraph, but this is Fatalpulse with their legendary art that needs no introductions, so just have a few sample pages: Continue reading

New Release: To Combat the Falling Birthrate, Special Creampie Zones Have Been Set up in Akihabara

We’re back with another CG-set/doujinshi hybrid from our veteran circle Triangle!. From the same people who produced “If no one can notice me, there is no harm in fucking a bunch of girls, right?!” and “A Story About Boys Who Were Being Used to Sate the Sexual Desires of Highschool Girls Whose Sex Drive Went Crazy”, comes another high concept full color artwork collection titled “To Combat the Falling Birthrate, Special Creampie Zones Have Been Set up in Akihabara”!

To Combat the Falling Birthrate, Special Creampie Zones Have Been Set up in Akihabara cover page

The cover page has been drawn by Hisasi. If you don’t know who Hisasi is, follow that link and have a good time educating yourself

Similar to the two aforementioned Triangle doujinshi, “Akihabara Creampie Zones”, as we’ll refer to this doujinshi from now on, is a collection of 13 scenes consisting of an illustration, sometimes with several variants, and the dialog overlaid. Every scene is drawn by a different artist (they’re all listed on the store page for your convenience), but all are drawn in high detail and full color.

This doujinshi follows the simple concept outlined in the title: Akihabara has been turned into an all-you-can-creampie zone. Everybody familiar with Akihabara, with its maid-, game-, anime- and manga-centric culture, will find this backdrop familiar. Plus, every location shown in the doujinshi corresponds to an actual location in Akihabara (except maybe the maid cafe, but that’s only because there are so many of them there that it’s unlikely a specific one was reproduced). So if you’ve ever been to Akihabara (or are willing to spend a lot of time on Google maps), you can have fun trying to match the illustrations to actual places.

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New Release: Rain Shelter Tale

You might remember that some time ago we published the Kabayakiya’s amazing doujinshi about a certain pair of twins. Today, we bring you another book from the same setting, titled “Rain shelter tale”.

Rain Shelter Tale cover page

The soft light of a rainy day is just perfect for this kind of scene

Like the previous Utawarerumono book from Kabayakiya, this one doesn’t put much emphasis on plot, but makes up for that in character. The heroine, Atui, shows a delightful array of facial expressions throughout the story and her interactions with Haku are cute and funny to read. And once the sexy time starts (on the second page), this enhances the sex and makes it feel like a pleasurable act performed by two people, rather than something one person is doing to another.

As for the plot itself, it fairly basic: Atui and Haku are alone in their room at the inn during a downpour and they decide to “practice” some sexy techniqes. It starts as a practice, but gets more emotional when they both get into it.

Not much can be said about the story, but a lot can be said about the art. As with other Kabayakiya books, bodies are realistically proportioned, with female bodies being well rounded and appearing very “soft”. Unagimaru is a master of line art and relatively simple shading only serves to accentuate that. In case you have no idea what we mean by all this, just take a look at a few sample pages: Continue reading

New Release: Joint Futanari Practice 3

After two parody books, it’s time to bring Aoba Q Madou’s original series back. Milky and Rin, our loveable futanari couple, are back at it again in “Joint Futanari Practice 3”. This time in a hot, steamy environment.

Joint Futanari Practice 3 Cover page

Nice piece of cloth you have there, you two. Wouldn’t it be a shame if something were to happen and the extra page at the end of the doujinshi has you without it?

(We already burned through an offensive amount of “steamy” puns in this release, so we’ll restrain ourselves here.)

As the previous issues have already established, futanari are relatively common in this setting. It should come as no surprise, then, that a local spa that Rin and Milky visit in this doujinshi has three separate bath sections: for men, for women and for futanari. What might come as a surprise, however, is the fact that the insatiable libido is not unique to Milky and Rin, but is in fact a futa gender trait. So when you put a large number of futas in a crowded environment, such as a sauna, and all naked to boot, things… get out of hand easily.

In essence, the futa lust gets into a positive feedback loop and can no longer be contained. But then again, why contain it?

While the previous two books in the “Joint Futanari Practice” series, as well as the spin-off, had a more intimate, personal atmosphere, this one is more open. There’s a certain amount of exhibitionism in here, true, but the overall tone shifts more towards the feeling of communality and mutual sexual acceptance. So on top of that sore feeling in your nether regions, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart.

Here are a few sample pages for your viewing pleasure. Of course, as this is an Aoba Q Madou book, there are bulging penises on most pages: Continue reading

New Release: Stolen Away

Today we bring you something new and exciting. Not only is the today’s release the first from a new circle that we announced earlier this year, Izanagi, it is our first pure NTR story.

Stolen Away cover page

With a title like this, it couldn’t have been any other way

Otoo (the artist behind Izanagi) is relatively unknown in the English-speaking side of ero manga/doujin scene, mostly due to sporadic activity, but a quick glance at their pixiv profile will make it clear what themes are prevalent in Izanagi works: hypnosis, corruption (both mental and physical) and NTR. While you might see some dicknipples and other bodily modification while perusing the Pixiv profile, this book focuses more on the mental corruption and NTR.

As might be obvious from the cover, the heroine of the story is Meiya from the MuvLuv franchise. (For those who are in the know, the specific setting appears to be the Altered Fable timeline.) Usually, a NTR story starts with the girl being “pure” and then getting progressively more “corrupted” and sexually active. This story, on the other hand, opens with Meiya already being pretty much on board with the whole “cheating on Takeru” thing. So how does the author keep the story interesting when much of the NTR progression was already done beforehand? Well, when the start line gets moved, move the goal post together with it. Let’s just say that the ending of this doujinshi… goes places.

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