New Release: Stolen Away

Today we bring you something new and exciting. Not only is the today’s release the first from a new circle that we announced earlier this year, Izanagi, it is our first pure NTR story.

Stolen Away cover page

With a title like this, it couldn’t have been any other way

Otoo (the artist behind Izanagi) is relatively unknown in the English-speaking side of ero manga/doujin scene, mostly due to sporadic activity, but a quick glance at their pixiv profile will make it clear what themes are prevalent in Izanagi works: hypnosis, corruption (both mental and physical) and NTR. While you might see some dicknipples and other bodily modification while perusing the Pixiv profile, this book focuses more on the mental corruption and NTR.

As might be obvious from the cover, the heroine of the story is Meiya from the MuvLuv franchise. (For those who are in the know, the specific setting appears to be the Altered Fable timeline.) Usually, a NTR story starts with the girl being “pure” and then getting progressively more “corrupted” and sexually active. This story, on the other hand, opens with Meiya already being pretty much on board with the whole “cheating on Takeru” thing. So how does the author keep the story interesting when much of the NTR progression was already done beforehand? Well, when the start line gets moved, move the goal post together with it. Let’s just say that the ending of this doujinshi… goes places.

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New Release: A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 5

In the previous chapter of A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary series, we were able to see Tomoe deal with pets domestic, animals and night strolls. This time, in A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 5, RED-RUM shows us how Tomoe deals with mixed baths in onsen and paranormal phenomenons.

By fapping, of course.

FutaOna5 cover page

In case you didn’t notice when her butt got stuck in the trapdoor two chapters back, Tomoe is pleasantly thick in all the right places.

While all chapters are framed as past events with diary entries acting like a narration, this is the first chapter where the plot happens in a flashback. Makes sense in a way; Tomoe spends a good part of this chapter filming her escapades with a camcorder (escalation of perversion, remember), which explains why her written diary would not have had a detailed record of what happened originally and would require a flashback entry.

As for what escapades they are, at this point she’s pretty much masturbating literally behind people’s backs and fantasizing about GHOST RAPE. You know, the usual. What’s exceptional about this chapter are the outfits she’s drawn in: from the wet form-fitting towel to the criminally hot thigh-highs + hot pants combination, the girls’ rocking it. While beating it.

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New Release: Benmusu -Records of the Toilet Girl Adventures- ch7: Asham Arc

After a pair of doujinshi featuring shipgirls, we would like to present you with a more classical fantasy story from Shouwa Saishuu Sensen. And what is a more classical, quintessential fantasy than Dragon Quest?

Benmusu ch7 - Asham Arc cover page

We know you didn’t even notice there’s a slime with googly eyes on this cover. Two of them, in fact.

You probably noticed the “7” in the title of this post. If you weren’t too distracted by the delicious Fem Hero, you might have also noticed it on the cover page. What’s that all about!? Well, the Benmusu (“Toilet girl”) series started way back in 2011 and has accrued 10 volumes (as of 2017) and a compilation book. Seeing how prolific of a circle Shouwa Saishuu Sensen really is, we decided to start from volume 7 and go forward from there. Otherwise, we would be running the risk of never catching up to the latest doujinshi. You don’t have to worry about missing important plot points though: not only are the volumes mostly self-contained, we’ve included a recap of the previous volumes as the first page of this doujinshi.

With that out the way, let’s focus on what’s really important: bulling the cute Fem Hero that you see on the cover. If you’ve read any of the previous Shouwa Saishuu Sensen books that we’ve published, you’re probably familiar with the light SM theme running through them. While those themes exist here too, they’re a bit less “light”. As a true masochist, Fem Hero ends up enjoying all the bad things that happen to her during the course of this doujinshi, but that doesn’t mean that this book isn’t a bit darker in tone. Getting enema in public, irrumation, a gangbang lasting full six days and various other fun things that happen to Fem Hero are all drawn in meticulous detail.

We’ll bringing even more volumes of Benmusu in the future. The ride has only just started.

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New Release: A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 4

Following a domestic episode of the Doronuma Kyoudai’s “A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary” series, we come to the fourth chapter of the saga. This time we get exhibitionism and fun time with animals.

FutaOna4 cover page

That dog is just speechless

Despite what you might think from that intro or the cover page you can see above, there’s no bestiality in this doujinshi. It’s just that… Tomoe’s imagination goes a bit wild in places, okay? We’re at the fourth chapter, you should have expected this already.

In fact, this doujinshi primary has Tomoe walking around town in the dead of night, dressed in a very skimpy dog hoodie with a dog tail but plug inserted. What our pervy girls does all over town dressed like that, you can probably infer by now. The whole thing takes a bit of a hilarious turn when she repurposes a spring locker on a playground into a masturbation device. By know, Tomoe has pretty much turned into a masturbation specialist. This is also the point where her fantasies take on a zoophiliac angle, but hey, the whole theme of this series is escalation. Note however, that we’re only halfway there: this is chapter four out of eight.

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New Release: Tea&Beard

Today we have something short, but very sweet. From Kabayakiya comes a cute story about a relationship between Darjeeling and a certain bearded gentleman, titled appropriately: Tea&Beard.
Tea&Beard by Kabayakiya cover page

As you can see from the cover, Darjeeling is depicted in a more adult manner than in the source material. This is justified by the fact that the story takes place some time after her graduation. But honestly, the way she’s depicted in this doujinshi doesn’t really need any justification at all. She’s just beautiful…

The main part of the doujinshi is only 8 pages long, but there are also two extra illustration included, one of which shows Darjeeling in the same pose as in the cover, only without the bearded gentleman and wearing one piece of clothing fewer. By the way, notice that she’s only wearing one piece of clothing on the cover, her panties.

Without further ado, here are a few sample pages to show you what we have in store for you: Continue reading

New Release: A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 3

The first two chapters of Doronuma Kyoudai‘s futanari-centric series focused of the main character, Tomoe, getting all hot and bothered in various situation of her daily life, like commuting or school. A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 3, however, shows her in a more domestic environment.

FutaOna3 cover page

There are actually two cover pages, but you only get this one here. The other was was repurposed as the back cover of our release.

The release of this doujinshi in Japan makes for an interesting story: the first half was published in May 2012, while the second half was published in May 2015. In the three year gap, RED-RUM was busy working for commercial magazines, and published two tankoubons (collected volumes) during this time. What’s fascinating is that, unless you already knew this, there’s no way you’d notice the two halves were published 3 years apart: the story continues seamlessly and the art style does not change one bit.

As for the story, this time we have Tomoe conning her way into spending a day at a relative’s house, all alone. What follows is a roller coaster ride of her commandeering parts of their property to satisfy her lust: from her younger cousin’s onahole, to various foodstuffs, nothing is safe in face of her perversion. We also see her escalating her masturbation techniques and fantasies even more.

There’s even a decent dose of humor in here. We see that Tomoe can be quite a lovable idiot sometimes!

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New Release: Chizuru-chan Development Diary 4

The wait is finally over! Almost a year after the third installment, we’re back with a new chapter in Muchakai’s magnum opus, the Development Diary series, Chizuru-chan Development Diary 4.

Chizuru-chan Development Diary 4 cover page

Chizuru’s breasts grow larger with every issue. This is what one may call character development. Hence “Development Diary”.

If you’re a newcomer to the Chizuru-chan Development Diary, you could start reading from this issue and not miss much of the plot (there’s even a recap page at the start). But this is the kind of story that is best read from the start. Chizuru really gets a lot of character development in these four chapters, and the whole appeal of the series is watching a believably written cute honor student get morally corrupted as the time goes by. By chapter four, she’s resisting in words only, as most of her thoughts and physical reactions are ruled by lust. The only reason she hasn’t fallen completely is because Tamura, our antagonist, is escalating the situations fast enough for her natural sense of decency to still kicks in. But it looks like this won’t last much longer…

What we have in this chapter is the continuation of the story from the previous issue: Tamura barely managed to win enough money to fund the field trip and now the entire class is on the excursion. Of course, Chizuru is travelling with some remote-controlled toys inserted. After everyone leaves the bus, Tamura is ready to have some fun~

And that’s just the first half of this doujinshi! The second part happens in the hotel and features both the bondage we can see on the cover and a recurring character. We won’t spoil any more, but it suffice to say Chizuru keeps having harder and harder time controlling herself in this situations.

A few sample pages to tease your senses: Continue reading

New release: A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 2

Last time we got introduced to Tomoe, a pervy futanari girl with a vivid imagination. Now, it’s time to get acquainted with her, in the second chapter of this hot-girl-with-a-dick series by Doronuma Kyoudai. We present to you A Certain Futanari Girl’s Masturbation Diary Chapter 2.

FutaOna2 cover page

Unlike Chapter 1 cover, here we can clearly see just how endowed Tomoe really is

While the first chapter took place on the train and the train station, chapter 2 shows how Tomoe spends her school time. As the perv she is, it includes masturbation, of course. There are two scenes, one on the roof and another one in the P.E. storage room, and both are amazing in different ways. The roof scene plays out Tomoe imaginations and features a first scene of tentacle rape on 2D Market. Although, it’s not really fair to call it “rape”, since the act is proactively fantasized about by Tomoe while she’s masturbating. Can’t rape the willing, in a way.

The second scene ramps up the tension, as Tomoe is in danger of being discovered by her schoolmates as she’s going at it inside the storage room. The best part is that she not only can’t make herself stop, but actually fantasizes about being discovered. There are no breaks on Tomoe’s fap train.

Here are a few sample pages to give you an idea about what to expect (higher res pages available on the store page): Continue reading

New Release: Victim Girls R -Flesh & Refresh with High School Girls-

Up to this point, we’ve released seven doujinshi from circle Fatalpulse. All of them were parodies, making use of established settings or characters. Today, we have something different, albeit in the same vein as the previous works from Asanagi, the artist behind Fatalpulse: an original story, titled “Victim Girls R: Flesh & Refresh with High School Girls”.

Victim Girls R -FLESH&REFRESH with High School GIRLS- by Fatalpulse cover page

Asanagi is a self-professed master of “happy endings”. True to this moniker, the heroines look very happy.

The plot for this doujinshi originated from several manuscripts that were rejected by commercial publishers. As a true hero, Asanagi drew them anyways and published them independently. The result is this 40-pages long masterpiece that pretty much has the same amount of content as two decent chapters in a commercial magazine.

The story follows, Yuina and Kurone, two seemingly sadistic girls who work in the shady, half-legal “refresh” business. While this is usually a cover-up for prostitution, they merely engage in non-penetrative power play where they abuse and degrade their customers. Whether you’ll find this part of the story appealing depends on your preferences, but Asangi’s art is so evocative and erotic, that the girls are brimming with sexuality, regardless of what they do. And then, as anybody who has ever read a Fatalpulse story could have anticipated, the tables turn…

We won’t spoil the plot any further, since there are several plot twists along the way, but we will issue a solemn warning: while previous books incorporated misogyny in their plots, they were always in fantasy/fictional settings. In this book though, this theme is pushed to the eleven (to completely absurd levels) and, seeing as the story is set in a contemporary setting, it might make you feel uncomfortable if you’re easily annoyed by this kind of thing. If you’re not bothered by words written in a comic book though, you’re in for an amazing ride.

Follow the two girls on every step of their fall in another amazing book from Fatalpulse. Just look at this art: Continue reading

New release: The Princess of an Otaku Group Got Knocked Up by Some Piece of Trash So She Let an Otaku Guy Do Her Too!?

If you’ve read or even just heard about any of the doujinshi from the circle Triangle!, you surely know what makes them unique. No, it’s not high quality colored art made by different talented artist. It’s not straight-to-the-point approach to the plot where no space is wasted on exposition. No, no, no. It’s very descriptive, long titles. So, why would “The Princess of an Otaku Group Got Knocked Up by Bome Piece of Trash so She Let an Otaku Guy Do Her Too!?” be an exception?

The Princess of an Otaku Group Got Knocked Up by Some Piece of Trash So She Let an Otaku Guy Do Her Too cover page

We were planning to put a joke here about ‘!?’ at the end of the title, but this cover page has so many good points that it deflect criticisms. Try to find them all yourself.

As with all previous Triangle books, “Otaku Princess”, as we’ll refer to this doujinshi from now on, is produced in full color, this time draw by the talented Hattori Masaki. Not counting the cover, you’ll find 22 colored pages in this doujinshi, containing two full sex scene, and a few more in a montage of single panels.

While the artwork is evidently amazing, what about the story? Well, the plot synopsis is in the title, so we won’t spend much time there. Sufficient to say that the story is not all happy-go-lucky as the cover might suggest, and the main heroine is not written to be particularly likable. Fuckable, yes; likable, not quite.

After singing praises to the artwork, we would be remiss not to share some of it with you. As always, the higher resolution samples are on the store page: Continue reading