New release by circle Yuzuya: A Book About Getting Milked Dry by Shuten Douji

Last week, we published a doujinshi in which the protagonist gets pounced on by an oni. Through sheer coincidence, that’s pretty much a summary of the today’s doujinshi too. And they even both have “milked” in the title. This leads to the only possible conclusion: milking men must be an oni racial trait. Join us today in this in-depth exploration of the peculiar behaviour and fascinating ecology of the mythical oni, titled “A Book About Getting Milked Dry by Shuten Douji”, brought to you by Yuzuya and adapted by 2D Market.

A Book About Getting Milked Dry by Shuten Douji cover page

Milk and honey

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New release by circle Ahobaka: Milked By an Oni Gal

Diversity and multiculturalism are great! Especially when the diversity comes from multiple monster girl species living in human society and cultural enrichment comes from said monster girls getting it off with humans. Just read Ahobaka’s doujinshi and get woke.

Where the previous doujinshi from Ahobaka that we published, “Succubus Widow’s Afternoon Secret” was a sombre, melancholic story with some dark undertones, “Milked By an Oni Gal” is a polar opposite: a fast paced story with a genki energetic lead that’s all about having fun.

Milked By an Oni Gal cover page

Her horn is not a phallic symbol. If it were, with a body like this, it would grow thick and large enough to pierce the heavens.

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New Release by circle Yuusaritsukata: Just Leave It to Your Mom Suzuya

Last Suzuya doujinshi from Yuusaritsukata was very date-appropriate: it was titled “Suzuya Santa” and we published it a day before Christmas. We tried to time this release similarly, but unfortunately there’s no globally-established Mother’s Day date. Still, the largest number of countries celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, which happens to fall on May 13th this year.

So here you go: Happy Mother’s Day and enjoy our release of “Just Leave It to Your Mom Suzuya” by circle Yuusaritsukata.

Just Leave It to Your Mom Suzuya cover page

Still, this isn’t something you should give as a present to a parent. Keep it for your own personal consumption, okay?

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New Release by circle Doronuma Kyoudai: FutaOna Shorts Collection

Last year, we said goodbye to the ditzy, pervy futanari girl Tomoe as she graduated with a bang. While her story ended there, there were a few more tidbits of her story that Doronuma Kyoudai published in various booklets at convensions. Today we have an omnibus collecting those tidbits in one place: FutaOna Shorts Collection.

FutaOna Shorts Collection cover page

That snowman is not going to have a good day.

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New release: “Yuzuki Yukari’s Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure” by Shouwa Saishuu Sensen

Vocaloid/Voiceroid characters have been popular for a long time among the doujinshi artists. Interestingly, the progenitor of the entire subculture, Hatsune Miku, has been slowly overtaken in the fandom by the new characters. It’s telling the only two Vocaloid/Voiceroid doujinshi that we have on our site feature newer Voiceroid characters. The fact that today’s release is by a completely different author (Hanauna from circle Shouwa Saishuu Sensen), but still features Yuzuki Yukari, a Voiceroid character, is telling.

Then again, some things never change. Dragon Quest 1 was release in 1986 and we still get doujinshis parodying it. Sometimes even in a completely random crossovers with Voiceroid, like in “Yuzuki Yukari’s Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure” that we’re releasing today.

Yuzuki Yukari's Lewd Dragon Quest Adventure cover page

Even in 1986, tentacles were already king

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New release by circle Muchakai: Chizuru-chan Development Diary 5

Today feels like an end of an era. We published the first chapter of Chizuru-chan Development Diary back in July 2015. Many things changed in these two and a half years and it felt like Chizuru has been following us along the way. If you read the chapters in order, you can see not only how Chizuru “develops”, but also how much our quality standards develop. And while today we’re still far from perfect, to see how much our releases have improved is encouraging.

But enough with us patting ourselves on the back. This is what we’re all here for: “Chizuru-chan Development Diary 5” by circle Muchakai.

Chizuru-chan Development Diary 5 cover page

We included a variant of the cover pages without those pesky pink hearts in our release

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New Release: Erina’s Secret Recipe by circle LOFLAT

We admit that the circle name that’s in the title of this blog post, LOFLAT, is a bit misleading. There are no lolis or even flat chests in this circle’s works. Instead, in “Erina’s Secret Recipe”, we have well-endowed Erina getting disrobed by delicious food. Desserts come in many shapes and sizes and this one is pretty delicious, if we may say so.

Erina's Secret Recipe cover page

In all seriousness, that’s one very well-drawn bra.

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Big announcement and a new release: M■necraft: NSFW Mode by circle Dr.VERMILION

Here at 2D Market, we’ve spent over 3 years regularly bringing you quality doujinshi localizations. After spending this much time and building a name for ourselves, we believe it is time to expand our horizons and bring you even more hentai goodness from Japan.

That’s why we’ve decided to localize eroge. Furthermore, the first title we’ll localize is a licensed hentai re-imagining of a famous bricklaying game.
M*NECRAFT NSFW mode logo
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