New release by circle Rorinoutage: How Do You Like Your Master’s Massage?

It’s summer! So you know what that means: sun, beach, sea, swimming, playing and limited summer versions of all your favorite gatcha waifus. Luckily, you don’t have to be a whale to have fun with the summer version of Scáthach! Today, we bring you “How Do You Like Your Master’s Massage?” by circle Rorinoutage at an 100% pull rate after purchase.

How Do You Like Your Masters Massage cover page

She looks like she often has stiff shoulders. Massage in the title refers to that. Probably.

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New release by circle Doronuma Kyoudai: FutaAna 1: A Certain Nun’s Anal Masturbation Records Prologue

We published the extra chapter of FutaOna back in May and some more attentive readers might have noticed that RED-RUM (the main author behind Doronuma Kyoudai) wrote in the foreword about starting a new series in the vein of FutaOna, titled FutaKuma. This new series has since been renamed and what we’re releasing today is it’s prologue.

Strap your belts, we’re in for a wild ride. FutaAna 1: A Certain Nun’s Anal Masturbation Records Prologue is just the first step.

FutaAna1 cover page

Oh my

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New release by circle Labomagi: The Perverted Virgin Public Morals Committee Member’s Secret Naughty Request

This week, we’re continuing the streak of releases from recently announced circles with something really special: the original doujinshi is by circle Labomagi is titled “The Perverted Virgin Public Morals Committee Member’s Secret Naughty Request”. Before we start singing it praises, just look at this amazing cover illustration:

The Perverted Virgin Public Morals Committee Members Secret Naughty Request cover page

These proportions are criminally good

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First release by circle Meat Field: The Cat’s Toy

After a monstrously long maid-centric doujinshi that we published yesterday, it may be time to publish something more concentrated. How about a full color Precure doujinshi starring a very dominant cat (magical) girl? Sounds about right! Here’s The Cat’s Toy by circle Meat Field.

The Cats Toy cover page

There’s a variant of this illustration where her leotard is half-transparent. It’s too hot for the cover page, so we included it near the end of the doujinshi.

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First release by circle Metro Notes: Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 1

People following our twitter (shameless plug, even if the timeline’s always visible to the side →) might have noticed that we mentioned working on a book by Metro Notes for their Patreon. Now’s the time to bring some of that sweet meido action to the masses with Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 1.

(Support Metro Notes/Tsumetoro on Patreon here:

Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 1 cover page

Considering the corsets of the time period, this figure is not out of the realm of possibility

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Summer announcements wrap-up

The last two blog posts were all about announcing new circles, but in out third and final summer announcements post, we’ll do something different.

We have a number of doujinshi in our pipeline that will be released later in the year. Up until now, we’ve normally announced a specific doujinshi a day or so before release. This has led to frequent question about whether we’ll be even publishing specific doujinshi or not. For the sake of transparency, we’ll list all doujinshi that we’re currently working on. To avoid unnecessary repetitions, we’ll omit the doujinshi from the circles that we have already announced in the last two blog posts.

Let us know what you think about this format!
In case you don’t care about any of this, we have a little surprise to make up for the time you’ve spent reading up until this point: in our first blog post in the series, we said that “no new doujinshi will be going up for sale this week”. Okay, but that doesn’t mean we can release one for free, does it?

We have here for you a short doujinshi from Muchakai, originally published as a CG set on pixiv. The title is “Chocolat Having a Bad Time During a Pr*tty Cure Show“. How bad of a time exactly, you might wonder… Well, you’ll just have to click here and find out for yourself.

Chocolat Having a Bad Time During a Pr■tty Cure Show cover page
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Summer announcements part 1

Summer officially started last week so we thought it would be a good time to get the juices flowing. We made our last batch of announcements in February, when we announces 9 new circles. This time, we’re scaling back. We only have eight new circles to announce.

Also, there will be no new doujinshi going up for sale this week, but we might have a surprise for you instead. Stay tuned!

To keep the blog posts at a reasonable size, we’ll split the announcement in two part. To start of with, here are the first four circles whose works you’ll soon find on 2D Market: Continue reading

New release by circle Triangle: Tormented By Cum Crazy Rui♪ Human Training Diary

All the monster girls featured in the doujinshi we published so far were fairly humanoid in appearance. Today, we’re breaking that mold and putting the “monster” back in “monster girl” with Triangle’s Tormented By Cum Crazy Rui♪ Human Training Diary!

…is what we’d like to say, but the girl in question is actually a frog girl and frogs aren’t all that monstrous in general. Oh well, baby steps. We’ll get to something thoroughly inhuman one day.

Tormented Cum Crazy Rui cover page

Dude! Let me in! I’m just a frog!

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