New release: Sachi’s Part-time Job 2 by circle Toitoikai

The first three releases of this year have been somewhat fantastical, featuring shortstack cow people, magical girls and mutant futanari. So maybe it’s time to go back to something mundane… Something like good old tried-and-true “blackmailed into being an ugly fat man’s cumdump” plot… Yeah, everybody loves that setup, so let’s go with that!

Today we have for you a sequel to Toitoikai’s debut work, “Sachi’s Part-time Job 2”.

Sachi's Part-time Job 2 cover page

Even if you’re not into bondage, you have to admit it frames the chest nicely

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New Release: Tricking Female Draph into Rough Sex by circle Shouwa Saishuu Sensen

Happy New Year from the entire 2D Market team!

Let’s start 2018 with a bang, shall we? We already wrote extensively about the superior draph anatomy in our introduction to Auguste Temptation, so maybe we should focus on one specific draph woman… How about the (self proclaimed) big sister of Granblue’s main character, Narmaya?

Yeah, we’re surely to have plenty of time to get introduced to her in this doujinshi by Shouwa Saishuu Sensen titled “Ticking Female Draph into Rough Sex”.

Tricking Female Draph into Rough Sex cover page

Despite the rather broad title, this doujinshi focuses on Narmaya 90% of the time

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New release: Sweet Night with Santa Suzuya by circle Yuusaritsukata

For this festive season, we have a present for you: a sweet, sultry event that will keep you warm on the cold winter nights (or that will cool you down, if you’re on the southern hemisphere), delivered by the hot ship dressed as Santa Claus. Enjoy your “Sweet Night with Santa Suzuya” from the veteran circle Yuusaritsukata.

Sweet Night with Santa Suzuya cover page

Ho ho ho

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Introducing “Sensitive mode”

Today we’re introducing a small quality of life feature to 2D Market that we call “Sensitive mode”. This is a browsing mode that will prevent “too fetishy” stuff from showing up in the store. What would that entail? Well, it’s a completely subjective category that doesn’t include anything currently available on our store. In other words, if you turn on this mode now, you will not see any difference. Continue reading

New release: Pizza & Beard by circle Kabayakiya

Last GuP doujinshi from Kabayakiya that we published was a sweet sultry story about a relationship between a bearded gentleman and a beautiful young lady. It’s titled Tea&Beard and had only one downside: with only 8 manga pages, it was relatively short.

So today we’ve set out to rectify that: what we have here for you is a sweet sultry story about a relationship between a bearded gentleman and a beautiful young lady. Also, that lady has two friends to help her out and the whole doujinshi is over 20 pages long… We present to you “Pizza & Beard”.
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New release: Auguste Temptation by circle Akikaze Asparagus

The last doujinshi by Akikaze Asparagus that we published was the short and sweet Koikokoro. That doujinshi stood out by the virtue of its incredible full-color art and unbelievably cute characters. However, it had one flaw: it was short. It leaves a feeling of emptiness and sadness in the reader’s heart as it ends after only six pages. Today, we have something that can fill that hole in your porn-starved heart: a brand new, 16-pages long, full-color doujinshi by Akikaze Asparagus, titled “Auguste Temptation”.

Auguste Temptation cover page

Extremely tempting

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New Release: Dogeza Collection by circle Shouwa Saishuu Sensen

Today we bring you the first in a new batch of Shouwa Saishuu Sensen doujinshi, and a full color one to boot. We present you “Dogeza Collection”.
Dogeza Collection cover page
“Dogeza collection” is a 12-pages long collection of short manga stories and illustrations featuring Kancolle characters. Because of that, different parts might feel a bit disjointed. However, there is one theme that connects these stories: in every story one of the girls does a dogeza. For those who don’t know, dogeza is deep bow executed from a sitting position.

“How is that sexy?”, you might ask. “How does that even qualify as a theme of an ero doujin?”, you might add. “How did something like that even made it into the title?!”, you might finish with, frustrated that you weren’t a bit faster and got to ask the first two questions.

Here’s the answer to all your questions:
Dogeza Collection Butt
(That’s Yamashiro’s butt, by the way. She gets bound, hang and ponded on the next page.)

With that out of the way, let’s just add that the ship girls that get the rough treatment in this doujinshi include Yamashiro (as her butt above aptly demonstrates), Kashima, Kinugasa, Tatsuta and Akagi.

This is the first full-color doujinshi from Shouwa Saishuu Sensen that we published, and if anything, it just makes us sad that Hanauna doesn’t draw more of them. Have a look:
Dogeza Collection sample page 1Dogeza Collection sample page 2Dogeza Collection sample page 3

Dogeza Collection by circle Shouwa Saishuu Sensen is available now on 2D market store.