New announcements and FREE doujinshi

It’s been less than four month since our last announcement, and we’ve been hard at work ever since, to bring you even more high quality English-translated doujinshi. Today we’re very happy to be announcing four new circles that we’ll be working with. To celebrate this, we also have a surprise for all of our loyal fans: two free doujinshi! You heard that right. Read to the end of this blog post for some background on these two doujinshi or, just jump to our store where they’ll be just a click away. Continue reading

New release: The Pissing Student Council President’s Training by circle Dainichakai

It’s been two months since our last Dainichakai release and we thought it’s time for the next one. Just as the previous one had “Boobs” in the title as a clear statement of intent, this one also has everything you need to now about it contents: “The Pissing Student Council President’s Training”.

The Pissing Student Council President's Training cover page

Despite the title and the cover, this doujinshi is not actually 100% about watersports. It’s just a running theme.

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New Release: I Want To Get Stuffed Full With a Healthy Filling of D■■■!

Sagejoh‘s last release in our store was a wonderful Bakemonogatari doujinshi, Chichimonogatari, and today, we’re following that up with a “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress” doujinshi. The show was well-regarded for it’s great character designs (female in particular) and Mumei looks absolutely gorgeous in this doujinshi. It also has the most porny title of all doujinshi be published so far: “I Want to Get Stuffed Full with a Healthy Filling of D***!“. Censorship of that mysterious final word is intentional, by the way.

I Want to Get Stuffed Full with a Healthy Filling of D■■■! cover  page

The author was nice enough to give her a cup size increase.

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New release: Chocolat’s Sparkling Public Mating Show by circle Muchakai

A long time ago, Mucha drew several Smile Precure doujinshi. After a few years of drawing mostly original content, Muchakai is back to some sweet Precure content, except this time with the latest and shiniest Kirakira Precure A La Mode!

There’s also a dog involved.

Chocolat's Sparkling Public Mating Show cover page

In ero manga stories, “Mating” is normally used mockingly. Here it’s used literally.

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New release: KonHaru Sandwich by circle Yuusaritsukata

Birds of a feather flock together. This can also be applied to family members. It’s no wonder then, that after Haruna got together with her admiral in an earlier Yuusaristukata book, “Haruna is a Bad Girl”, we find out in this doujinshi that her sister Kongou is also very much into Admiral.

But sharing is caring, and family members always care for each other, right? So in this book, “KonHaru Sandwich”, we get to see admiral being shared by Kongou and Haruna.
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New Release: Boob Diviner

It’s been a while since we brought you a doujinshi from circle Dainichakai. After their work on Phantom Thief Black Bunny, they decided to turn back to a more grounded setting, high school. But the premise this is time is absolutely hilarious in its audacity: the protagonist is normal guy who used social engineering and psychological profiling to convince his schoolmates that he can solve their problems by fondling their boobs. You can’t make this stuff up, but you can definitely read about it in “Boob Diviner”!

Boob Diviner cover page

Divine Boobs

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