First Release from circle Rock Steady: Fuck & Slash!

It’s finally Friday and you must be hungry. What better meal to restore your vitality than a double helping of futa dick? Answers may vary, but this week Suzurame of circle Rock Steady serves up Fuck & Slash: Little Demon’s House, a meaty dish teeming with exotic flavors. It may be a bit gamey for some tastes; Suzurame’s work is more extreme than what you might see from Doronuma Kyoudai or especially Aoba Q Madou, but a palate refined to the notes of sweetness in cruelty and degradation is sure to find some nourishment in Fuck & Slash.

Fuck and Slash 1 cover page


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New release from Fatalpulse: Victim Girls 25 -How to Dehorn a Shortstack-

Mobage wars can get pretty heated. People invest lots of money and time into their favorite mobage, so they get attached and will defend it against the unwashed masses who play its competitors. Asanagi, however, is not like them. Fatalpulse doujins parody ALL the popular mobage: Kancolle, Azur Lane, FGO, Granblue Fantasy… Asanagi is truly is the connoisseur of the mobage pretty girls and bringing joy and happiness to all of them ♥

This time, a happy ending awaits the women from GBF universe. In particular, the short, stacked and horny (as in having horns; get you mind out of the gutter) draph women.

This entirely wholesome doujinshi is titled “Victim Girls 25: How to Dehorn a Shortstack“.

Victim Girls 25 cover page

One short of a six-pack of half-pints

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New Release from Circle Metro Notes: Gentleman’s Maid Sophie 4

It was only March when we last saw from the luscious Sophie and her bespectacled master, but Circle Metro Notes is already here with the fourth installment of their series. We extend our sympathies to Tsumetoro (who you can support directly on Patreon!); the poor artist is clearly chronically-afflicted with the thiccness. However, we must admit that their suffering is very much to our gain!

We’ve written about this before, but we’re honored to be able to produce two versions of every Gentleman’s Maid Sophie release. The first is a near-simulpub for Tsumetoro’s Patreon and includes only translated dialogue. The second version is the one you can pick up here, complete with fully-translated SFX painstakingly reproduced by our editorial team.

Gentlemans Maid Sophie 4 cover page

For Sophie, we’d make any number of versions: she’s worth it.

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First Release by circle Aimaitei: That Time When I, an Exorcist, Lost to Futanari Demon Cock

Gather round, perverts, this week’s release is something special. First and most obviously, it’s our debut release from Aimaitei Umami of Circle Aimaitei. It also comes fully equipped with some of those real spicy tags: monster girl, succubus, futanari, femdom. More than that, though, it explores a niche no 2D Market release has ever touched. The title, “That Time When I, an Exorcist, Lost to Futanari Demon Cock“, might hint you about which niche we’re talking about.

More after the cut >:)

Futanari Succubus cover page


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New release from circle Akikaze Asparagus: Fucking with Portals!

We’ve always loved Akikaze Asparagus‘s meltingly squishy girls and charming story lines, so it’s with special joy that we announce our newest release from the circle: Fucking With Portals.

If a title that delightful isn’t enough to hook your attention, here’s one more word for you: kemonomimi. Yep, it’s all animal ears all the time in this release. We’re not even talking your standard bunny, cat, or fox. No, these are big, round, adorable mouse ears. Nazrin means business.

Fucking with Portals cover page


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First release from circle Mukousharan: I Love My Admiral

What could be sweeter than newlywed life? In this week’s release from circle Mukousharan, Ushio couldn’t be happier. She’s just married her beloved admiral and is thrilled to start doing all the things a wife does: keeping the house tidy, making delicious bento for the Admiral, and making his bed. But aren’t there other things wives do..? This doujinshi it titled “I Love My Admiral“, so she’s sure to find out the answer…

I Love My Admiral cover page

Life for Wife. Or is it the other way around..?

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